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INDULGENT ADVENTURES - Travel, adventure and windswept dreams.

A wet weekend in Shoal Bay, Port Stephens, Australia.

The rain started on Wednesday and almost cleared up on Friday and we held out hope for Saturday.
Maybe Sunday would be better?
A great big black cloud hovered above Shoal Bay that whole weekend…

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Winter Sunshine Indulgence at Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The winter blues have hit and I have to get away…the question is where to? Port Douglas, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay? All fabulous winter escapes but this year we treated ourselves to a little Noosa Indulgence…

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22nd May to 8th June 2015

Now is the time to plan your visit to VIVID Sydney. See Sydney transformed through fantastic, inspired and creative light shows. Along with VIVID there are a host of activities associated with the event to experience. Enjoy feature music events or stretch your mind with the Ideas program…

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Fun at the Q Station, Manly, Sydney, Australia.

Wow! The Q Station has to be one of Sydney’s best kept secrets! This Indulgent Adventure has it all – beaches, bush, Australian native wildlife, history, good food, stand up paddle boards, ghosts… What more could you want?

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Review: Berida Manor, Bowral, NSW, Australia.

Enter with a sense of adventure and be delighted with the surprises and amused by the foibles.

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A brief sojourn on Australia’s Prosecco Road, The King Valley, Victoria.

Join me on a brief sojourn to Australia’s own ‘Prosecco Road’, The King Valley, Victoria….

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