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Astral Towers at The Star Casino Sydney

Star City Casino Sydney has been renovated and re-opened as The Star, and it now has two hotels, Astral Towers at the Star and The Darling at the Star. We stayed several times at the old Star City and were eager to try the new Star.

This time we stayed at the Astral Towers, and were given a free upgrade to a suite – normally well beyond our price bracket!  This is a 5 star hotel, and the suite we stayed in is certainly 5 star plus.  It drips luxury and opulence, from the dark wood paneling, to the generous space, the second toilet off the foyer, to the two large LCD TVs, the Bose sound system (which didn’t work) and the large spa (which also didn’t work).  Criminally, we were only there for one short night (I was working and we were visiting friends with a brand new baby), so we didn’t get to properly appreciate the suite or the facilities…

(My apologies for the poor quality photos, we were busy and stressed and forgot to take a camera :-()

Lots of decent-sized windows and a great (if distant) view of the city and Harbour Bridge.  The second bathroom is kinda part of the bedroom, which makes the bedroom feel large but there’ll be no sleeping in for one party if the other is getting up early to scoot off to work…

There’s a tiny kitchenette and bar with expensive spirits for sale, snacks and what every suite stayer needs – a dark-coloured food-themed condom pack also for sale!

Would you stay again?  Absolutely!  We’ll be back.

Top tip for self when staying again:  Make sure we have time to enjoy it!

Top tip for others: Great selection of world-class restaurants to choose from.

Value for money: Depends how much you pay!  The rooms are not cheap, but the car-parking is half the price of many city hotels at $26 for valet parking.

Sleep rating: ****1/2 Perfect quiet, good bed, but half a point lost for no feather pillows in the room (they do have a pillow menu, but we got in late…)

Shower rating:  ****1/2  (The Westin rain-shower is the benchmark)

Overall rating: ***** Great room!

Summary:  We have stayed in the old Star City and gone to dinner, drinks and a show with friends, and we would love to the same at the new Star!

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