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The Fine Print

Privacy Policy, Comment Policy, and Terms and Conditions of Use V1.0

This blog is intended as a source of inspiration only.  It is not a comprehensive travel advice site.  All of the opinions we express on this site are our own.  They reflect our experience on the day[s] we travelled, in the rooms we were given, with the meals we were served, and with the staff we encountered.  All travel experiences are by their nature different (that’s part of the adventure!), and you should use many other information and review sources in choosing your travel.  We accept no responsibility for any differences in your travel experience to ours.

If you are the owner or manager of any business or service reviewed or mentioned on this site, please feel free to respond via comment – we’d love to hear from you!  If you’d like a direct management response added to the actual blog post, we can do that too – just email us to discuss.


Indulgent Adventures sells advertising space using Google AdSense and potentially other similar ad programs.  These programs use the content of the blog, the specific post and the comments to choose advertisements likely to be of interest to you the reader.  The owner of the web page you go to when you click on such an advertising link pays Google when you click, and Google pays us a percentage.  Please treat all advertisements with respect, and understand that ultimately it is by you and I purchasing advertised goods and services that much of the great content on the Internet is funded.

We may also host direct advertisements.

Privacy Policy

We use tools such as Google Analytics to track general usage patterns on our site in order to refine our blog.  This means that your browsing may be tracked, but you cannot be personally identified, and this information is only used for blog improvement.

We use cookies to enhance your experience.  Cookies are a generic method used by many web services to maintain some state and other information across browsing sessions.  You can configure your browser to not use cookies, but this may affect your Indulgent Adventures experience (as well as your experience with other web services).

If you choose to interact with our blog (for example, by posting a comment), then some personal information will be gathered by Indulgent Adventures.  We will never sell, disclose or lease your personal information unless required to do so by law.

Comment Policy

Indulgent Adventures is a blog about adventure and having fun, and as such we ask that you keep it fun, positive and respectful.

Flame wars, sledging, spam, personal agendas and bad manners have no place on holiday and no place on this blog.  We will remove any comments that we consider hateful or attacking; any comments that use offensive, profane or derogative language; any comments that appear to be driven by a personal agenda; and any comments that appear to be spam (including, but not limited to, comments with more than two links).

We love a good debate, but please remember that comments that you can make to a friend’s face can sound very harsh when written!!

Terms and Conditions of Site Use

By using this site, you agree to these terms and conditions, so please read (don’t worry, we’ll keep it short).

Indulgent Adventures reserves Copyright for all photos and all content that we post.  You must not re-use Indulgent Adventures content elsewhere without our explicit written permission – email us to ask.  You may link to our blog, and you may refer to our content with an accompanying link.

We take Copyright very seriously, and will not knowingly infringe other’s Copyright.  Please email us if you believe we may have infringed.

We make no warranty whatsoever re site availability.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for the content or availability on any sites linked to or from Indulgent Adventures.

We will endeavour to delete any inappropriate comments, but do not and cannot take responsibility in any way for the content of comments on this blog – please email if you feel that any comment contravenes our Comment Policy, or if you feel our Comment Policy is insufficient.

These Terms and Conditions will evolve (improve!) from time to time, so please check regularly for any updates.


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